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Video calling for recruitment

Supercharge your hiring process with video recruitment

Get to know your candidates better and faster through high-quality video calls.  

The hiring process is all about getting to know your candidates better. Do they have the right skills to succeed? Do they represent the company values? How will they complement the team? These questions need to be answered first before making an offer.

But as the war for talent rages on, companies are under pressure to find the right candidates in time. For many recruiters, it’s simply too time-consuming to set up face-to-face meetings to get a good feel for the candidate’s skill set, experience, and overall fit with the company. Not to mention the hassles of scheduling interviews or creating and sharing interview notes afterwards with colleague-recruiters.

Whether you’re hiring remotely or prefer to have a deeper evaluation before an on-site interview, you can now do both through 24sessions.

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Superior video interviews

Create high touch and effortless live-video experiences for your candidates anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through video calls, screen- and document-sharing, recruiters are fully equipped to discuss resumes, case presentations or contracts. 


Record & review interviews

After the interview, it’s always a challenge to brief colleague recruiters on all the details of the candidate - not just on gut-feel, but on an objective evaluation of a candidate's presentation during the interview.

24sessions enables recruiters to share richer candidate evaluations by making them relive the interview through video recordings. 


Accelerate the hiring process

24sessions helps recruiters focus on what really matters: getting to know the candidates better to find the best fit. Our automation features take care of the rest - repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings and compliance tasks.

“The technology and expertise of 24sessions helped us digitize our hiring process to find the thousands of millennials we recruit yearly"


Key Results


Faster matching

The combination of online scheduling, flexible video interviews and recording evaluations result in 30% faster time to hire.

Lower cost to serve

Cost saving

Our customers realize a cost-saving of 50-70% by using our video recruitment solution


Win time

Save up to 60 minutes per interview through limited travel time, automated scheduling and shorter interviews.


Happy recruiters

The effortless experience results in satisfied recruiters and high adoption rates.

Case study Spotta

Learn how Spotta supercharged their hiring with video recruitment, reducing costs
with 69% while increasing customer satisfaction to 8.6/10. 



The application of 24sessions is very easy to work with. No downloads are needed for candidates. The implementation went fast and the 24sessions Customer Success team is very flexible. Candidate satisfaction scores of video-interviews are consistently high.
Loes Quinten
Manager Recruitmentproces

The technology and expertise of 24sessions helped us digitize our recruitment process to find the thousands of millennials we recruit yearly

Wilfried Poorthuis
Director at Spotta

We collaborate with 24sessions on our advisory services because it’s really user-friendly, works in every browser and requires no downloads. It’s a great way to discuss complex topics like pensions and mortgages. Our sessions receive a 9,3/10 on average.

Robin van den Burg
Managing Director at Aegon Advisory

There is a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration provides a simple and highly scalable solution for our customers to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix

Jaap Dijkhuizen Genesys Testimonial
Jaap Dijkhuizen
Solutions Consultant at Genesys
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How to get started with video recruitment

There are different ways to use video calls for recruitment. We have summarized the most popular use cases here. 

  1. Large-scale recruitment

    Recruit more candidates faster with video recruitment. Interview via video calls and automate time-consuming tasks like planning or evaluating. Especially useful when you need to hire personnel on a massive scale, like for parcel- or food deliverers.

  2. Sourcing Talent

    Attract and convert talent on your recruitment website through online booking forms for an exploratory video call.

  3. Screening & recording

    Collaborate as a team to hire the best talent through sharing interview video recordings and detailed candidate evaluations.

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