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24sessions Value Policies

Here you can find the policies that 24sessions upholds to its employees, sub-contractors and itself as a company:

1. Employee policy
1.1 General obligations
1.2 Countering corruption
2. Environmental policy
3. Human rights policy

1. Employee policy

Who should follow the staff guidelines:
Anyone with access to information in our organisation has an important role in keeping
information secure. It does not matter if you work in IT or in other parts of the business: the
guidelines apply to all staff. The staff guidelines apply to any staff working in or for our
organisation. This includes:

● Permanent staff
● Interns and temporary staff
● Independent professionals (contractors) with access to our premises or information

1.1 General obligation for information security

Anyone working in this organisation is obliged to keep information secure:

● You cannot disclose confidential information to outsiders or publish information the
classification of the information allows it.
● You are obliged to know and respect all information security rules and respect these
rules at all time.
● You are obliged to take due care with any data, especially with personal data.
● You are obliged to take due care with company issued devices.
● You are obliged to mention security incidents immediately to the MT. This includes loss
of a device, suspicion of a hack or anything that threatens the information security of the

1.2 Countering corruption

Employees must:
● Always make clear, internally and when dealing with third parties, that 24sessions has a
zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and will not (directly or indirectly) offer,
pay, seek or accept a payment, gift or favour to improperly influence a business outcome.
● Immediately notify the CEO if they become aware of any suggested or actual payment or
other transaction which has the potential to be in breach of this Code Policy.
● Ensure that before employing or entering into contracts with any third parties to
represent 24sessions or its interests externally, relevant 24sessions employees have
undertaken appropriate due diligence checks to assess the third party’s integrity. The
outcome of such checks must be considered carefully before deciding whether to
appoint the third party: employees must inform the CEO of any concerns.

Employees must not:
● Offer or give bribes or improper advantages (including facilitation payments) to any
public official or other individual or third party, which are, or give the impression that they
are, intended to influence decisions by any person about 24sessions.
● Request or receive bribes or improper advantages from any third party, which may, or
give the impression that they may be, intended to influence decisions by 24sessions
about that third party.

2. Environmental policy

24sessions is committed to reducing our impact on the natural environment and taking action on
climate change. We believe that growth that takes account of our environmental impacts is the
only way to deliver sustainable returns, as encapsulated in our vision to: grow our business,
whilst decoupling our environmental footprint from our growth and increasing our positive social
impact. We are committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our
environmental impacts. We comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations,
applying more stringent criteria than those required by law when we believe this to be
appropriate. Everyone at 24sessions has a role to play – this Environmental Policy outlines our
individual and shared responsibilities to the environment.

This environmental policy commits us to:
● Embed environmental risks into our wider risk identification and mitigation processes
when adding third party software or make integrations.
● Continue to be a 100% paperless office and inspire our partners to do the same.
● Work on a broader environmental and sustainability programme with the goal to inspire
companies to get their employees to do less face-to-face meetings, reducing carbon
emissions, and replace them with video-chat meetings.

3. Human rights policy

We believe that business can only flourish in societies where human rights are protected and
respected. We recognise that business has the responsibility to respect human rights and the
ability to contribute to positive human rights impacts.
This is an area of growing importance to our employees, investors, customers, the communities
where we operate and civil society groups. There is therefore both a business and a moral case
for ensuring that human rights are upheld across our operations and our value chain. This
Human Rights Statement contains over-arching principles which we embed into our policies and

In line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we base our human
rights policy commitment on the International Bill of Human Rights (consisting of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and the principles concerning
fundamental rights set out in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on
Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We are committed to respecting all internationally
recognised human rights as relevant to our operations. Our principle is that where national law
and international human rights standards differ, we will follow the higher standard; where they
are in conflict, we will adhere to national law, while seeking ways to respect international human
rights to the greatest extent possible.

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