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Service innovation via video

Delight customers through personalized services via video calls

Innovate your services by leveraging the video calling channel

When you know everything about your customer, it's that much easier to anticipate their needs and truly delight them with a memorable, meaningful service. The video call channel brings new opportunities to create such experiences that weren’t possible before.

Through video calls, you can reach new audiences and create a highly personal and engaging experience without having an in-person meeting. Innovative businesses are leveraging this new channel in smart ways, transforming their customer journeys.

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Use video calls to deliver new services

Create high touch and effortless live-video experiences for your customers anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through video calls, screen- and document-sharing, agents are fully equipped to create an engaging experience.


Empower teams to scale successfully

24sessions empowers teams to be successful in having video calls with customers through expert services. Our Customer Success Program guides clients every step of the way, from initial strategizing to scaling this channel across business units.


Higher sales, stronger customer relationships

24sessions helps agents focus on what really matters: building customer relationships that convert to higher sales. Our automation features take care of the rest - repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings and compliance tasks are handled by 24sessions.

"Through video banking, we managed to increase our sales conversions with +33%"


Key Results


Increase NPS

Exceed customer expectations resulting in avg. +50 NPS.


Higher first-time-right

Video enables you to explain complex topics more efficiently by making a personal connection and sharing your screen. This leads to improved first-time fixes.

Lower cost to serve

Lower cost-to-serve

Video meetings are about 30-40% more cost effective than face to face meetings (excluding travel time and cost).


Higher sales

Spot opportunities for up and cross-selling, increasing sales revenue.

Rabobank case-study

Learn how Rabobank innovated their mortgage services for 5000+ agents. 



There is a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration provides a simple and highly scalable solution for our customers to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix

Jaap Dijkhuizen Genesys Testimonial
Jaap Dijkhuizen
Solutions Consultant at Genesys

The technology and expertise of 24sessions helped us digitize our recruitment process to find the thousands of millennials we recruit yearly

Wilfried Poorthuis
Director at Spotta

We collaborate with 24sessions on our advisory services because it’s really user-friendly, works in every browser and requires no downloads. It’s a great way to discuss complex topics like pensions and mortgages. Our sessions receive a 9,3/10 on average.

Robin van den Burg
Managing Director at Aegon Advisory
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How to get started

There are different ways to use video calls for customer interaction. We have summarized the most popular use cases here. 

  1. New services

    Introduce completely new services that were impossible to offer before because it would be too costly face-to-face or too ineffective via phone. Video calling from 24sessions enables you to visit your customer without actually being there and create a memorable personal experience with the click of a button.
  2. Redesign existing services

    Replace existing touchpoints, serviced via face-to-face, phone or text chat, by video calls. Or identify new moments along the customer journey to delight customers in new ways. By offering video calls, you can make the customer journey shorter, more personal and more effective.

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